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Cisco Academy uses the power of technology, education, and professional development to help students, teachers, and all program participants transform their lives。Anyone, anywhere, can participate in the project。If you are interested in joining Cisco Network Academy, please click hereApply to joinSubmit relevant information。

During this special time, we support your distance learning and distance learning。


A rare opportunity awaits you。As technology continues to evolve, the world is changing dramatically, with the number of connected devices hitting the billion mark, and the way we live, work, and play -- and the way we live with the planet -- is improving。No industry is immune。Are you ready to change your life and contribute to building a better world?
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Two good ways to take courses

Online learning

The online courses are self-taught and the content is identical to the offline courses offered at Cisco Networking Institutes around the world。Some of our more popular online courses include:

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4 periods course

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2 periods course

The learning

Most of our students take courses on-site at educational institutions in the local community。This is the best way to gain practical experience and help master practical professional skills。Search for the location closest to you, then drop by and start your learning journey immediately。

  • More than 12,000 locations worldwide
  • Enrollment reached 30,000 last year
  • The course meets internationally recognized accreditation


Cisco Network Technology Academy helps students change their lives

Sarada Hettiarachchi

I am proud to have taught more than 1,000 students in the last nine years。Most students currently work in large organizations。

It was 2007, I was 22, I had no idea what I wanted to do professionally。At that time, there was only one Cisco Network Technology Institute in Sri Lanka, so I chose to study by myself for the 2008 CCNA 640-802 exam (the old version)。

In December 2008, I became a teacher at the Cisco Network Technology Institute, teaching the Foundation of Information Technology (ITE) course。At that time I was the youngest ITE teacher in Sri Lanka, and in 2011 I was fortunate to be the youngest CCAI to teach CCNA courses in Sri Lanka。I have won many commendation awards. I am the first CCNP teacher trainer in SAARC region and the only one in Sri Lanka who can train teachers in all cisco Network Technology Institute courses。

I am proud to have taught more than 1,000 students at the Cisco Network Technology Institute over the past nine years。Most students currently work in large organizations and operators。There are a lot of hands-on activities in the Cisco Webschool program, which is one of the reasons why the program attracts so many students。

Cisco Network Institute is a global platform that inspires students and students to achieve a better future。

Paola di Nino

In college, students learn theoretical knowledge, but never have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in real life。At cisco Network Technology Institute, I had the opportunity to put theory and research into practice。

You've probably heard of people living double lives, but Paola Di Nino, a senior network engineer at Verizon, leads a triple life。白天,她为服务器机房设计和管理流程、命令和架构;晚上,她会撰写一些全球畅销小说;到了周末,她则变身一位骑手。Her new book, Condemned to Death, won four literary awards in her native Italy。

"In college, students learn theoretical knowledge, but never have the opportunity to apply it to real life。At cisco Network Technology Institute, I had the opportunity to put theory and research into practice。”

Paola used to work as a JavaScript programmer in Milan when an AD for the Cisco Network Technology Institute caught her eye and she decided to enroll。Here, she found the courses not only practical, but also provided hands-on learning tools that ignited her passion for web design。Thanks to her success at the Cisco Network Technology Institute, she moved to Switzerland and continued to pursue all her dreams。

John Grindley

By working with Cisco, we have direct access to the right graduates。This adds a whole new alternative to our business model。

John Grindley first learned about Cisco Network Technology Institute through three Brazilian students while working with the NBA during the 2016 Rio Olympics。The three students were assigned to help him with his private network deployment。Despite the language barrier between them, John was quickly struck by how well-trained and versatile the assistants were。

When he got home, John contacted the Cisco Network Technology Institute, indicating that his company, Straight Up Technologies, wanted to work more deeply with the school。Straight Up Technologies is a technology company that specializes in building networks for movie studios and sports leagues。The collaboration with the Cisco Network Technology Institute revolutionized his company。Rather than scour the world for talent, he can contact local providers of Cisco Network Technology Academy courses to recruit students who are already trained and eager to gain hands-on experience working with his engineers。Today, John can't imagine his life without Cisco Network Technology Institute。

Build Bridges to job opportunities

Cisco Network Technology Academy students receive priority access to ideal employment opportunities from our select recruitment partner channels。

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"Our continued partnership with cisco Network Technology Academy is based on the fact that we focus on 'developing new people' and therefore need to maintain a reliable employee pipeline。These students arrive with an entry-level Cisco certification, making it easier to train and quickly learn other skills。These students have proved to be a valuable asset to our business and we look forward to adding more of them in the future。”

Dan McGee,Coo, Red River